Happy February! Winter is still with us, and we have Valentine’s Day to look forward to.  It’s on a Tuesday this year and many of us plan an at-home celebration during the week and perhaps a night out during the weekend to celebrate the occasion.

Aunt Nellie’s suggests starting off your at-home celebration with beautiful ruby-red Pickled Beet Martinis and a yummy Beet & Blue Cheese Spread.

The delicious, decadent spread starts with a jar of Aunt Nellie’s sliced pickled beets or baby whole pickled beets. Important…don’t toss the beet liquid!  Save it for the martinis!  Simply puree the drained beets and add garlic, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese and walnuts plus a few other simple, savory ingredients and pop it into the oven for about 10 minutes…just the amount of time you need to stir up those martinis!  Serve with crostini…and a martini!



Stir up the pitcher of martinis while the spread bakes. Gin or rum, reserved pickled beet liquid, orange liqueur, and lime juice…so simple and so perfect for the occasion!  Garnish with baby whole pickled beets (or sliced pickled beets cut in half) and citrus wedges or curls for an extra festive presentation.


These just might become your signature cocktail party fare!