March… the harbinger of Spring! Thoughts turn to warmer weather, more time outdoors, ditching the scarf and gloves, and giving our menus a spring update.



Aunt Nellie’s Chicken Soft Tacos with Pickled Beet Salsa is a perfect pick for spring. Chopped pickled beets star in this delicious take on salsa along with red onion, cilantro and lime juice to create a tangy, sweet and tart, taste bud wake-up call. Serve it with arugula, chicken and feta cheese on flour tortillas topped with sour cream–jalapeño mustard sauce.



Beet & Bean Salad with Warm Basil-Bacon Dressing is one of Aunt Nellie’s iconic recipes, and for good reason. This bowl is power packed with pickled beets, cannellini beans, mixed greens, celery and onion. The dressing is beet liquid, basil pesto and bacon–so yummy, and nutrient-rich with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Plus, it’s a complete meal. What a bowl!

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